Saturday, November 17, 2007

Facebook beats out Myspace

November 15th may be D-Day for mySpace. The social uprising of Facebook has pushed it up to the most popular site social network on the net according to Alexa.

Perhaps this progression is obvious considering that Facebook essentially gets all the mySpace users as they mature, graduate high-school and college. So in time, Facebook will win.

Although mySpace had already declared victory in the social network space over Facebook (Pete Cashmere reported on Mashable); it has became obvious that their growth rate would push them over the top.

Google vs. Microsoft

mySpace and Facebook are the states at battling it out here, but the cold war is between search giants Google and Microsoft since they supply hundreds of millions of dollars to mySpace and Facebook respectively. Microsoft has obtain a substantial advertising distribution in Facebook, desperately needed in order for the software company to sustain its mark online. However Google has responded by taking countermeasures which will stifle the growth of new social destinations and thereby prevent Microsoft from gaining more traction.

Can Facebook Gain Even Higher Ground?

Facebooks CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has suggested that his site could take over Google in terms of popularity, however that is merely a dream since the majority of users use the internet for information retrieval (search). So Facebooks, market growth will now come more from increasing page views versus new registrations.


Kristen Nicole said...

MySpace is losing their high schoolers to Facebook.

WebProNews said...

If it's lucky, MySpace is the new Yahoo. If unlucky, and it is unlucky lately, MySpace is AOL. Facebook has supplanted it, and will continue to do so, in much the same way Google ran past Yahoo, and for many of the same reasons.